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The Ergogenic Evolution


After decades in the sports nutrition industry, we founded ClearPharm based on real world experience dealing with supplement users direct. You wanted ingredients to take you to the next level without the corporate BS and underdosed products at premium prices. We listened, it is time for the UK industry to evolve.

Full Diclosure

No Proprietary Blend formulation, right down to the flavouring.

Accredited Manufacturer

Manufactured in an ISO 9001 facility to the highest standard.

Made in The UK

Formulated and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Clinically Dosed

Ingredients in doses backed by scientific literature.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We believe and stand behind our products for your piece of mind.

Free UK Delivery

Get your products delivered for free with no minimum spend.

What is ClearPharm?


There are hundreds of UK brands out there, so why choose ClearPharm as a partner on your fitness journey?

We live and breath the sports nutrition industry and have been a part of its world one way or another for over 20 years. We are not corporate suits, never have been and never will be. This real world experience dealing with supplement consumers direct gives us the knowledge and the capability to not only provide a better service meeting your needs, but actually make a difference in improving health, knowledge and overall wellbeing. We know what works, what doesn't and what is needed to be done.
Our formulators are in no way new to the scene. Having acted as Consultants and New Product Developers for some of the biggest brands in the world, they have come together to create ClearPharm to do something that has been a long time coming - help bring up the standard of UK formulation to that of the US and Canada.
We aren't perfect. We all fight our inner self mentally and physically push ourselves to live our life to the fullest. Our bodies and minds are scarred, but you know what? We are still here fighting on. We know what it takes to overcome disability, personal problems and other issues. Life is more than just a hour in the gym, so why formulate to only cater to 5% of life?
You will never see us bring out a product using any kind of hidden proprietary blend. If a brand has to hide their formula, they are hiding it from only one person, the customer, and that is because they have something to hide such as underdosed ingredients. If another brand wants to copy a formula, they will get it tested in a lab breaking down everything that is in it, so that excuse is not valid with active ingredients.
We are always researching and looking for new ways that ingredients may work together in synergy. We look at the pros and the cons of everything we use. If there is a pro, how can we enhance it? If there is a con, can we inhibit or minimize its impact if it is worth using? Everything needs balance and everything has to be taken into account. There is a reason why most products look the same in the industry, because many brands don't actively seek out innovation.
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